Ceramic bust II – unavailable

Ceramic bust II – unavailable

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MATERIAL: Fireclay, own technique
SIZE: 157 x 40 cm
Work signed,

“Przemysław Lasak, a contemporary artist, in his extraordinary work becomes an involuntary defender of traditional art and its values, an advocate of its evolutionary, harmonious development. (…) It should be added at this point that in the work of Przemysław Lasak at the threshold of the 21st century, there is a materialization of what Egon Schiele said at the beginning of the last century, that “art cannot be contemporary because it is eternal”. These beautiful ceramic sculptures are precisely timeless, creating an extraordinary bridge: a harmonious transition between the past, present and future.

(…) The remarkable ability to integrate three disciplines of art leads the Creator to ennoble his workshop. As a painter, I see Przemysław Lasak as a strong ally, just like me, in the position that what is most important in art is not so much what is new, but above all what is own “(Jerzy Duda-Gracz)

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