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Barbara Falender. Her work is considered to be one of the most unique traces of the Polish moral and sexual revolution of the 1970s. Originally a precursor of a bold approach to the implementation of an act in spatial forms, today also an outstanding representative of abstract and metaphysical trends.

In 1972, he gave the sculptor’s group – “Portrait of a selected community. People from Krakowskie Przedmieście ”, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She was an apprentice in the studio of professor Jerzy Jarnuszkiewicz, where – as she recalled years later – the matter of repeating nature ended in her artistic life, and the problem of interpretation became a problem. He constantly contemplates this problem to this day, using a variety of materials for this purpose. It reaches for stone, bronze, porcelain and plastics (epoxy).

Eroticism was not only their only topic and content. They themselves were to become fetishes, provoking them to be touched, not only to be looked at, but also spied on – wrote Zbigniew Taranienko about the artist’s works from the first period of her work. It was then that, among others, the famous “Erotic Pillows”, “He and She” and other sculptures, touching not only female but also male eroticism.

Decorated with the silver medal “Zasłużona Kulturze Gloria Artis”, laureate of numerous Polish and foreign awards, a scholarship holder, incl. The Italian Government with the Laboratorio dei marmi Carlo Nicoli in Carrara, the French Government with the Atelier J.M.V. Fine in Moustiers-Saint-Marie, The Kościuszko Foundation in New York, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Poland for the implementation of the sculpture in 2001. Her works have been exhibited all over the world, incl. In Warsaw, Copenhagen, Paris, Frankfurt and New York.