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MATERIAL: Wood, axes
SIZE: 91 x 41 x 35 cm
Work signed,

“It was the time of Borek Fałęcki (District in Kraków, Poland) – this is where this work was created. Its initial idea was the final one, i.e. two in one – function and form. A sculpture with the function of an ax hanger. Axes – flint, stone, metal – belong to human tools forever, since we realized that we can shape something (it is also an interesting story – this moment of realizing that we can shape something that we can do something else). I made “Ambassador” because of the love for the tool – the ax . The ax has been such an ambassador for thousands of years, it has not changed completely – neither shape nor form. It’s just like today a smartphone is a plate, evolving from cuneiform writing on clay tablets – it is a continuation of a clay tablet. This is the story of an OBJECT, and therefore an OBJECT is a lovely form.

There is also – of course – in “Ambassador” a second bottom to the very topic of the ambassador, who is somewhat avant-garde, because he represents the human tribe being somewhere with our neighbors. That is why this dynamic, pitted form is like a wedge that pierces us to another man and opens “.

(said Maciej Pęcak in an interview with Tadeusz Marek)