The devil’s fight with the angel – unavailable

The devil’s fight with the angel – unavailable

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MATERIAL: Own technique (Image on a hospital sheet)
DIMENSIONS: approx. 182 x 160 cm
Work signed

Pictures on hospital sheets have become the hallmark of Professor Cześnik. The characters related to the health service, elements of hospital equipment, or the dark mood of these works appearing on them are the result of a long time of illness, which left a clear mark on his work. “The passing, the degradation of matter, and thus the number of people in Cześnik’s work is omnipresent. (…) This is not a dangerous memento mori, but an observation. It is in nature and there is no need to be surprised, so it may be more frightening. The biologicality of the sheets is strikingly visible. As in a Turin shroud, their humanity is visible on them from under what Cześnik painted on them “(Andrzej Matynia)


approx. 200 cm


approx. 130 cm


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