I – Moloch – unavailable

I – Moloch – unavailable

MATERIAŁ: Szamot z porcelitem, serigrafia wypalana, tkanina
SZEROKOŚĆ: ok. 64 cm
WYSOKOŚĆ: ok. 173 cm
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I wanted to tell about myself in some way. I wasn’t interested in a typical self-portrait. I was interested in reading from the hands, etc. – so I decided that the hand would be my representative. I was looking for the right form for a long time and it was not about presenting the image of my personal hand.

While traveling around India, I saw a poster with a woman’s hand – it was a strong, stocky hand full of charm and strength at the same time. This is how the shape was created, which I duplicated from the mold. All elements are covered with graphics illustrating my travels, artistic ideas, fears. Exactly fears – I have a sense of my person’s heterogeneity, and at the same time I am afraid of crowds. Hence, the name of the Carthaginian god is used in the title: Moloch, which in Polish also means a crowd.
This work may appear in a single version – its most target version is the presentation of multiples. The installation consisting of 9 elements was purchased by the Wrocław Society for the Encouragement of Art

MATERIAL: ceramics
WIDTH: approx. 32 cm
HEIGHT: approx. 60 cm

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