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MATERIAL: Waterjet cut glass, steel frame
SIZE: 150 x 40 x 40 cm
Work signed.
Exhibited, among others, at the National Museum in Wrocław


“I put my heart in your hands, do with it what you want.” This game will probably cost us little. The consequences are not terrible. However, I dare to say that aesthetics is only a tool for expressing much deeper content. Beata Stankiewicz-Szczerbik has proved many times that she knows perfectly well how to use visual weapons. In her hands, the capricious and demanding glass from a wild animal turns into a gentle lamb, and the beauty assigned to the glass matter becomes the language of stories about life and death, predestination and free will, attachment and the will to run away. An artist whose works decorate museum and private collections, as well as public interiors – from the stained glass windows in the St. Maciej for glazing at the Airport. Copernicus in Wrocław – this time invites us to a joint journey through the past and present to the future. ~ Agata Saraczyńska

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