Perun – unavailable

Perun – unavailable

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MATERIAL: Lost mold glass,
SIZE: 90 x 40 x 40 cm
Work signed,


“Perun” by Beata Stankiewicz-Szczerbik in the incarnation visible in the photo remains, as the artist says, “a symbol of the current revolution”. Perun – called Closeness in his previous life – is an unpredictable and ruthless proto-Slavic god. This time it manifests itself in a woman’s body. He still wanders, unable to find the proper body. It was exhibited at the following exhibitions: Superpositions, [Muzem Współczesne Wrocław 2018/19] and in Venice during The Venice Glass Week 2019. It is a head made of alabaster-colored full glass, relaxing in the furnace for a month.

Beata Stankiewicz-Szczerbik recalls her visit to the Japanese Nō Theater: “Dressed in silk with her face hidden under an ancient mask, I heard:» … she was born in her own body »”.

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