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HEIGHT 64 cm
Sculpture signed. UNIQUE

Unique ceramic sculpture, high-fusing sculptural mass, fireclay with porcelite for hand molding, Engobed, glazed, polished, matted, other treatments.

A work inspired by the eyes of Marta Feldman. Fired several times, including the last one in a brickyard in Patoka.

“I am very closely connected with Marty, because he gave me a feeling of uninhibited security – he usually stood on the sill of my window looking at the street to the right and left at the same time. Originally it was supposed to remain perfectly white, but I succumbed to it.
the whim of the moment, and first I gave him a touch, and then applied all the above-mentioned measures at once in order to give him maximum drama in the function entrusted to him, or perhaps more the mission – the Observer.