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Jerzy “JotKa” Kędziora

Born in 1947 in Częstochowa – sculptor, painter, designer. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and Poznań, PLSP in Częstochowa, participated in many workshops and master classes in Poland and abroad (Germany, France, Portugal).

From the very beginning of his creative career, Jerzy Kędziora was interested in kinetic art and sculptural experiments. The events related to the workers’ protests and the “Solidarity” movement inspired the artist to create a “Portrait of a Pole in the times of transformation and Solidarity”. This production from the 1980s includes works from the following series: “Chwiejni”, “Zreanimowani”, “With stays”, “Cracked Voice”, “Hangers for” or “Command uniforms”. The instability of time, choices and existence of the generation of that time became the basis for an artistic search that led the sculptor in the 90s to start working on balancing sculptures, in which apparently heavy and static forms became elusive representations. Thanks to these unique works, the artist became recognizable in the world.

Although this is only one of the artist’s many impressive productions, it is worth mentioning – somewhat locally – the “acrobats” who have been balancing over the footbridge in Krakow for years. These sculptures have become an almost permanent part of the landscape of Podgórze. The exhibition “Between the water and the sky”, which has been going on for over 4 years, is one of the most peculiar spots on the Vistula strolls. Here is what the Master himself said about the unusual collection of 10 figures suspended on ropes:

“About 20 years ago, I was in the middle of the Man in Transition project. I wanted to create a man who was on a certain edge. This rope was meant to symbolize it. The fact that we are balancing, looking for a way out of certain extreme – sometimes even smaller – inclinations in life was at the basis of this idea ”.

Jerzy Kędziora’s sculptures have been exhibited at prestigious exhibitions, incl. in Miami, Palm Beach, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, London, Berlin, Lourdes, Venice and Madrid. The artist is a laureate of many awards (including the Gloria Artis medal, medals of Warsaw Sculpture Salons, victories in competitions for monuments: “Macierzy” in Wrocław, “300 years of the Vienna Relief” in Orońsko, “Father Popiełuszko” in Częstochowa, “Krzyża in the life of a modern man ”in Warsaw) and a multiple scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and Art. He is a member of the World Kinetic Sculpture Symposium, the International Sculpture Network Sculptors Association and the Association of Polish Sculptors. For his artistic activity, in 2015 he was awarded the Honorary Citizenship of Miami, and the day of February 27 was proclaimed Jerzy Kędziora Day there.