Czesław Podleśny

“When my sculptures appear in public space, my comment is silenced: the viewer and the sculpture have more to say to each other than my narrative would do. Many questions await them, to which they must find their answers, but thanks to this they discover layers of emotions that I I didn’t notice while focusing on the form and message ”

Czesław Podleśny (born in 1959 in Rybnik), son of a miner, sculptor, draftsman, painter, poet. He studied at the Lyceum. Antoni Kenar in Zakopane, the State Higher School of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Diploma with honors in the studio of prof. S. Kulon.

Together with Jerzy Fober and Andrzej Szarek, he is a co-founder of the artistic group “… Who are you”. He was a resident of American universities, including Maryland Institute College of Art in Boltimore, where he taught students. Five-time scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and Art. Participant of many exhibitions and sculpture symposia. His works are in museums and private collections. Since 2015, the originator and coordinator of the artistic initiative WL4 Przestrzeń Sztuki in Gdańsk. Czeslaw Podleśny creates intriguing figures made of metal, which are sculptural collages composed of various materials and found objects. They are heavy and grotesque, yet full of expression and dynamism. They often take disproportionate forms. They are associated with the heroes of comics, movies and games.

In 2018, he obtained a PhD in art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

“The artist believes that the climate of the Coast, the atmosphere of the ubiquitous Free City of Gdańsk creates enormous opportunities for finding new stimuli, inspiration, opportunities, and as a searching, restless and rebellious artist, he has finally found his place. He believes that art has a national dimension, encourages young artists to leave their studios and try their strength somewhere further. He travels a lot, takes part in artistic symposia, exhibits all the time in Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovakia, does not lose touch with reality and does not consider himself the navel of the world. Gdańsk ventilates with its outstanding original art, further asking the fundamental question “Who are you?” (Stanisław Seyfried)